Keynotes and custom sessions tailored to raise awareness, inspire self-care and help you and/or your audience reconnect to their body and mind.

Here’s The Truth Bomb

The epidemic of modernity and today isn’t heart disease or diabetes.
It’s mental health.

rom body image setbacks to burn-out, the prevalence of this wave of poor moods and “not enough-ness” has never been more prominent. Especially with the world of social media where we are all encouraged to be “busy all the time” and “look fantastic all the time” – if we were to take a step back and assess what it all boils down to? It’s this:

Too much stress, and not enough self-care.

Having studied and worked with countless number of clients in the last x years, nothing has been more rewarding than to help my clients take back what’s rightfully theirs: a healthy body and mind that they feel connected to, in tune with, and excited about.

Through keynotes, sessions and tailored workshops, it’d be my honour to share my knowledge, and help you and your audience do the same.


Burnout. Said to cost our economy billions of dollars each year. This session is relevant to those running-your-own business folks, or those happily employed folks. Designed to equip attendees with simple scientifically proven daily habits to adopt, we say no to sacrificing your health for the sake of “busy” and help attendees take back control, boost productivity and adopt a healthy positive can-do attitude. No celery juice required.

Schools / Community

There has never been a better or more complicated time to be a young personal hanging out on Earth. The two topics I find school kids and community groups switching of their phones and actually tuning into are:

– You are enough

A talk focused on navigating the social media minefield, placing value on self and positive body image for every body at every size.

– Mental Health

Changes in life, home, or work. These are usually the catalyst to a drop in one’s mood or mental health. Whether it be for your staff, XXX or XXX, this workshop will ignite open and frank conversations, break down stigmas and provide practical solutions on how to cultivate and protect your mental health, as we move through the ups and downs of life.

Health Professionals

Less bro science, more real science. Talks for health professionals are designed to help those who may be working with clients in the recovery journey to better understand the complexities of eating disorders. From how they affect our body and our mind, to the level of exercises appropriate, we will go through how to foster a positive gym environment, and promote body diversity and inclusion.

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