Recover & Thrive Coaching

Take the next steps towards full recovery today


Recover & Thrive Coaching

Take the next steps towards full recovery today


elcome to your recovery journey! We´re a team of health professionals specialising in supporting recovery from hypothalamic amenorrhea, eating disorders, compulsive or addictive exercise behaviours and disordered eating habits.

We’ll help you shift your mindset, maintain a regular menstrual cycle, exercise in a way that feels balanced and enjoyable, and create sustainable change to give you lifelong food freedom.

We’re committed to developing practical strategies and solutions to help you improve your relationship with your body, mind, food and exercise, to help you achieve freedom for life!

We’ll help you shift your mindset, maintain a regular menstrual cycle, exercise in a way that feels balanced and enjoyable, and create sustainable change to give you lifelong food freedom.

We’re all about loving your life, over loving your body, and empowering you to banish restrictions and rules around food and exercise, so you can once again live in the present, and enjoy your life as it is!

What Is Recovery Coaching


Recover & Thrive is our signature health and recovery coaching program designed to take you from quasi-recovery to full recovery from eating disorders, disordered eating or hypothalamic amenorrhea. Through 1-on-1 coaching consultations, between session accountability, access to our exclusive recovery community and a plethora of bonus recovery resources, we help you make full recovery a reality.

Recover & Thrive Coaching Program

Over the last 5 years, Sarah and her team have helped hundreds of women worldwide achieve full recovery, using our Recover and Thrive Success Model. This model integrates evidence-based practice, mindset strategies, and actionable behaviour change so you start to see and feel the difference in your recovery from day one. Here’s what you can expect when we work together:

Is the Recover & Thrive Program right for me?

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Here’s a sneak preview of what we’ll cover:

10 x 60 minute coaching sessions

Between Session Support

Customised Recovery Nutrition Plan

Detailed Session Summaries

Personalised Exercise Plan

Access to our Exclusive Recovery Community

Ready to kickstart your recovery?

You’ll also receive 5 bonus resources to accelerate your recovery

Bonus 1:
Building Better Body Image eBook

Inside this eBook you’ll learn what body image is, the factors that influence body image, how to identify unhealthy body image behaviours and helpful strategies for cultivating better body image every day.

Bonus 2:
Recovery Journal Guide

Journalling is an integral part of recovery as it lets you reflect and process your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. This guide will help you build a sustainable journaling practice with over 99 journal prompts to keep you inspired on the daily.

Bonus 3:
Meal and Snack Builder Guides

Building recovery friendly meals and snacks just got easier. These guides will help you put together adequate recovery friendly meals and snacks without ever needing to count calories. With sweet and savoury options for every occasion, you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

Bonus 4:
Nutrition for Recovery Mini Course

This course is the perfect companion to your recovery journey. Inside you’ll get a better understanding of the nutritional rehabilitation process that will help you recover your period, have a better relationship with food and become a confident and flexible intuitive eater.

Bonus 5:
Guided Meditations for Recovery

This collection of mini meditations will instantly ground you and help you refocus on those days you’re struggling with bad body image, feelings of discomfort, or the fear of weight gain. All you need is your headphones and within ten minutes you’ll feel at peace and motivated to keep moving forward with recovery

Bonus 6:
Exclusive Online Community

Exclusive access to our online community offering you daily check-ins for extra support, weekly recovery challenges, and access to evidence-based articles, guest webinars, follow along workouts, and recipes to support your journey.

Sound like what you need to take your recovery to the next level

What other women have to say

Nicole S.

I’ve got my life back!

I can’t say thank you enough! Lucy guided me in learning the tools to take control of my food, exercise, body image and my life. Working with her was the absolute perfect combination of a health coach, nutrition support, facts & stats with real world experiences, and a true friend. Through tough conversations (with judgement free tears), re-learning who I am and what I love doing, grieving my ‘fit girl’ personality and Lucy’s continuous, unfaltering, and warm support – I am truly happy with who I am, and I’m so proud of how much I’ve grown. I cannot possibly express my absolute appreciation enough! Women struggling with hypothalamic amenorrhea (or lack of periods), compulsive or obsessive exercise, or poor body image should not go through this alone. If you’re questioning whether or not to seek help from Lucy. Do it. You’ll never regret getting your life (and your period!) back.

Kerry C.

Absolutely life changing!

Sarah is the most amazing human and has honestly changed my life forever. I am so glad I stepped into recovery under Sarah’s supervision as I would not have got this far without her. This is such a hard journey, harder than I ever imagined with lots of ups and downs, but Sarah has been there every step of the way with the most amazing support, advice and lots of well-deserved tough love. She not only uses her immense knowledge and expertise (and what Sarah doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!) to help you navigate your journey, but openly shares her own experience, which has been super helpful, and gives you so much hope and belief that recovery is possible and supports you to overcome obstacles along the way. She always has an answer, solution, challenge, or idea to keep you pushing forward, albeit not always what you want to hear or do but she will always guide you in the right direction.

Sarah is so knowledgeable, supportive, friendly and has so much compassion. She creates an environment that is so relaxed, non-judgmental, safe and encourages you to be open and honest. Throughout your recovery Sarah will provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to really explore yourself and your relationship with food, exercise and your body. There are no shortcuts to full recovery, as much as we wish there were! You’re going to have to do the hard stuff, sit through the sh*t, so jump two feet in, put your trust in Sarah and she will get you through!

Meet Your Coaches

Our coaches are absolutely committed to your success, so rest assured you are in the safest of hands. Having been through recovery themselves, each of our health professionals brings compassion and personal understanding to each session that beautifully compliments the evidence-based advice and recovery tools, tips and strategies you’ll receive. Here’s a little bit about our coaching team:

Meet Your Coaches

Our coaches are absolutely committed to your success, so rest assured you are in the safest of hands. Having been through recovery themselves, each of our health professionals brings compassion and personal understanding to each session that beautifully compliments the evidence-based advice and recovery tools, tips and strategies you’ll receive. Here’s a little bit about our coaching team:




Sarah King


  • Sarah’s passion as an exercise physiologist and health coach stems from her own personal experience of recovery, and the belief that everyone is fully capable of achieving food and exercise freedom if given the right tools and support.
  • Now a specialist practitioner in hypothalamic amenorrhea, compulsive exercise and eating disorder recovery, Sarah helps women worldwide regain their health and their life.
  • Her unique approach empowers clients to work through their greatest obstacles by providing them with practical tools, strategies and emotional regulation techniques.
  • Regardless of how long you’ve struggled, full recovery is within your reach and Sarah will help you get there
  • Sarah is an accredited exercise physiologist, intuitive eating counsellor and health coach with over 7 years experience as an allied health practitioner. Having worked in both a hospital setting and in private practice before transitioning her clinic into the online world, Sarah has a breadth of experience helping clients achieve their recovery goals
  • When not working away in the virtual clinic, Sarah can be found taking a peaceful coastal walk with her puppy Henry, relaxing by the beach, or swapping activewear for a fancy dress to enjoy time with friends and family.
  • What you can expect from working with Sarah: Sarah’s approach will feel like a breath of fresh air. She is warm and welcoming, creating a safe environment for you to be open and honest about your biggest struggles or deepest fears. Combining an ounce of tough love with a big dose of compassion and accountability, Sarah will ensure you reach your goals all while celebrating each milestone along the way.

Elyse Lawry

• After struggling with HA and disordered eating herself Elyse has an intimate understanding of what so many women struggle with. Having walked the recovery road herself, Elyse is familiar with the discomfort, celebration, uncertainty and relief that comes with it. Motivated by the joy and freedom of post-recovery life, Elyse has since sought to share that with others, pursuing further training in nutrition and coaching to support and educate women on the importance of full body nourishment, food flexibility and intelligent training practices.
• Elyse is a certified health coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and studying to become an exercise physiologist. Having worked in the fitness and wellbeing industry for 10 years, Elyse has experience working with clients from all walks of life to achieve their health and recovery goals.
• When Elyse isn’t working or studying, she loves exploring new places and is most likely planning her next getaway as she loves to travel. If you ever catch Elyse on a night out with her friends, you can guarantee she is sipping on an espresso martini. However, she also loves snuggling up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea. Her definition of balance.
• What you can expect from working with Elyse: Elyse’s foundation for coaching is built on compassion and empathy. As someone who has gone through recovery herself, she understands that there is not a one size fits all approach. She is dedicated to providing a safe space for your recovery, that is filled with support and free from judgment. Elyse will guide you, will be there to help you face any obstacles and will celebrate every win with you. She will be the ultimate hype girl.

The process

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What other women have to say

Emily C.

Thank you for saving me

I am just over 13 weeks pregnant! I am so so so excited. I definitely could not have got this far without you as without gaining my period back and gain food freedom I would still have been stuck. You changed my life earlier last year and I am TRULY grateful. You are an amazing coach, so caring, kind, supportive and really listen. Thank you for helping me turn my life around. Food is no longer fear, I can now live my life and enjoy it. Thank you for saving me.

Gemma S.

Recovery is possible

Coaching with Lucy has changed my life! During the 12 sessions Lucy helped me change my mindset from fearing food to embracing food freedom and all the wonderful side effects that come with it. She has been the only person who has made me realise HA recovery and ED recovery is possible. She has the perfect mix of tough love and compassion in her sessions, and knows exactly when is the right time for both. Having struggled for 10 years with HA and an ED, Lucy as been the only person to actually help me. Best decision I made was reaching out for help!

Melissa M.

My experience with Sarah is one that I will never forget. When I first met Sarah, I was riddled with worry, anxiety and the fear of the unknown. my HA journey was so scary, and I felt that there was no way forward. I was so terribly scared to let go of what I thought was good for me, and what made me feel safe. Sarah’s guidance through the 8 weeks of Healing HA, and then a further 12 weeks of 1-1 coaching has given me a new life. I no longer cling to what made me feel safe in the past. My relationship with food and exercise has improved. My relationship with my beautiful friends, family and husband has improved. My relationship with myself has improved. Sarah has thought me to challenge past beliefs, and has also given me skills to go out into the big beautiful world on my own, and continue living my life by design. Sarah, thank you.

Adelaide C.

I have struggled with bingeing and restricting ever since high school. When I was 26 years old, I got help to stop bingeing, but all that did was throw me deeper into restriction and overexercising and an obsession with being thin. In eight months, I lost 40 pounds, became underweight, and lost my period. I had little energy, I couldn’t sleep at night, my muscles were spasming all the time and my hip tendons were inflamed, I was afraid to eat food with an unknown number of calories, and I had chronic diarrhea and bloating from low stomach acid (due to low thyroid hormone and low estrogen). After five years of a missing period and after going to more than six doctors — one of whom told me I would never ovulate naturally again — I found Sarah’s podcasts, Instagram posts, and her one-on-one Recover & Thrive coaching program, which all contributed to helping me get my period back in just five months. Sarah helped me realize that carbohydrates are essential for healthy hormones (during my weight loss I had accidentally been in ketosis from eating too much protein and too many vegetables!) and that exercise is a stress on the body. With Sarah’s encouragement, I have started tackling my food fears and letting go of calorie counting, and I no longer feel guilty about not exercising. Her insights and experience are unparalleled! I would highly recommend Sarah’s coaching program to anyone struggling with a missing period, disordered eating, or negative body image. Because of Sarah, I have my life back, and my husband and I now have hope of having our own children someday.

Bridget D.

Struggling with missing my period for over five years, I initially tried to regain it on my own. I quickly realized I needed more guidance and support due to the emotional toll it was taking on my life. That’s when I found Sarah, who has been a lifeline throughout this journey. Joining the Recover & Thrive program was a game-changer for me. It transformed my relationship with food, exercise, body image, and in such a positive way. I can now approach nourishing myself with balance and joy, no longer feeling pressured or stressed about exercise. Embracing self-compassion has been possibly the most surprising, empowering, part of this process, leading to a significant improvement in my hormonal health and an overall sense of balance in my life. Sarah and the program have been instrumental in helping me regain my health, my confidence, and get back in the driver’s seat of my own life.

Emily L.

Investing in the Recover & Thrive coaching program was the best thing I have ever done for my health and well-being. Prior to the program I hadn’t had a natural cycle in 12 years, had two IVF pregnancies and was burdened daily by negative thoughts about food and exercise. I thought that being skinny meant people would like me more, and I would be more successful in life. This program challenged all of my thoughts and as a result I now lead a life free from calorie counting, obsessive exercise and I feel like I am my true self again. I will be forever grateful to Sarah for all of the support, care and guidance she has given me. I highly recommend this program to ANYONE wanting to regain their cycle, or regain their life free from the constraints of obsessing about food and exercise. There really is so much more to life. Thank you Sarah x

Our Three Key Frameworks for Recovery Success

Signature Period Recovery Protocol for HA Recovery
  • Together, we rebuild the trust in your body, by giving it the necessary nutrients to create hormones, feel energised, and reconnect with your mind.
  • We’ll guide you on how to eat enough to restore your body to its unique healthy weight, at which it functions best.
  • We’ll tackle all your food fears, rituals and rules, normalising eating behaviours and moving towards an “all foods fit” mentality. We’ll encourage total food freedom and restore your joy and appreciation of food.
  • We’ll encourage social and spontaneous eating.
  • We’ll also help you reframe your mindset around exercise and provide you with a personalised movement plan, outlining the amount, type and intensity of exercise most suitable for your body.
  • Together, we’ll rebuild a healthy fitness identity, and help you realise you’re not just “a fit person”, you’re more than your workout routine!
  • We’ll help you recognise when your body needs to rest, uncovering how to truly listen to your body and adjust your exercise accordingly.
  • We’ll help you restore your confidence and see beyond your body, rebuilding self-worth that isn’t related to your physical body or appearance.
  • We’ll build you a toolbox of techniques you can use to help manage stress in the moment, whenever it arises. We’ll also help you establish boundaries in areas of your life causing excessive stress, and give you strategies for reacting to acute stressors in healthy ways.
  • We’ll show you how to handle overwhelming emotions successfully, and introduce strategies to cope until the feelings pass. You’ll restore emotional resilience and confidence.
  • We’ll focus on self-kindness, building a positive internal dialogue, and proactively practising self-compassion day-to-day, rather than waiting until the moment you desperately need it.
Food Freedom Framework for Disordered Eating Recovery
  • We’ll work together to transform your mindset and behaviours to build a relationship with food that not only nourishes your physical health, but also your social, mental and emotional health.
  • We’ll establish regular and adequate eating, to ensure you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to function at its best.
  • We will re-introduce variety into your diet, by working through food challenges and broadening the types of food and meals you include in your daily diet.
  • We will challenge black and white thinking towards food, working towards complete food neutrality and confidence eating all foods at all times of the day.
  • We’ll give you the strategies you need to eat socially, practising eating out through graded exposure techniques and utilising tools to prevent compensation and unhelpful thoughts.
  • We will prepare you for spontaneous eating occasions, working together to make you feel just as confident with the unexpected as you do with planned eating occasions.
  • We will work to overcome binge eating or overeating episodes by addressing physiological and psychological restrictions and building a toolbox of strategies to manage emotions without turning to food for comfort.
  • Finally, we will introduce the principles of intuitive eating and work with you as you move towards a flexible and free relationship with food grounded in trust and respect for your body.
Mindful Movement Mastery for Compulsive exercise recovery
  • We’ll help you rebuild your relationship with exercise, to return to a point where movement feels joyful and takes up an appropriate amount of time, energy, and mental space.
  • Through education, you will gain an understanding of how much exercise is “too much” for your personal circumstances and learn why too much exercise can lead to stunted progression and negative returns.
  • We will develop a personalised movement plan for you that addresses both formal exercise and other daily movement so that you can respect your body through appropriate volume of exercise. This will include specific guidelines for type, duration, frequency and intensity of movement.
  • We’ll explore new kinds of movement during recovery in a healthy, safe way, encouraging you to try new things and debrief with us on how they made you feel afterwards.
  • We will look at your movement habits outside of formal exercise and work towards mindful walking, finding comfort in moments of stillness and implementing extended periods of rest.
  • We will examine the idea of your “fitness identity” and worth through the challenges that come with grieving the loss of your “ideal” body. 
  • We’ll help you recognise when your body needs to rest, uncovering how to truly listen to your body and adjust your exercise accordingly. We want to get you to the point where you feel just as comfortable resting as you do exercising, without any need to compensate with your eating patterns.

Ready to get started on your recovery journey?