83. Why am I so tired all the time? Reasons for fatigue in HA Recovery

You’re eating more and exercising less, so you should be feeling super energised right? Well this isn’t the case for everyone going through recovery from hypothalamic amenorrhea or for those working on weight restoration from an eating disorder. Oftentimes it’s the exact opposite – overwhelming fatigue that seems to come out of nowhere!

In this episode I explain the fatigue phenomenon and cover off topics including:

  • What repair work needs to be done and how much energy this requires (you’ll love the Willy Wonka reference here)
  • How exercise often gives you a false “high” and the reasons behind why you feel more tired now when you’re doing less
  • The interplay between what you eat and your energy levels
  • Rewiring your brain, mental fatigue, and how that impacts your physical energy levels
  • Why sleep is super important and the factors that can prevent you from getting a restful night of shuteye
  • Micronutrients you may be missing and how that can lead to fatigue

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