30. What Full Recovery From an Eating Disorder Actually Means

Is full recovery from an eating disorder possible? And how do you know you’re “there”?

In today’s episode I’m going to be touching on something I don’t feel is talked about often enough: defining recovery. I think so much time is spent working on the fundamental habits of eating better, exercising in a kinder way and changing your mindset around food, movement and your body, that sometimes we don’t even know what it is we’re working towards ourselves. This can sometimes mean that recovery feels like an elusive unicorn we’ll never find.

So today we’re going to explore what it means to reach full recovery – both from a research perspective by touching on the available evidence, and also from my own personal journey and point of view having gone through recovery and now considering myself recovered for several years.

In this episode of Holistic Health Radio I’ll be discussing:

  • How research defines full recovery and the different aspects included in this? I.e. it’s not just physical changes, but more importantly mental ones
  • What I thought full recovery was when I was going through treatment vs. what I think it really is for me now having been recovered for several years
  • Why it’s important to define and think about your own definition of recovery and recovered and ways to go about doing this and sharing it with your treatment team
  • Do ED thoughts still exist in someone who’s recovered?
  • How to protect yourself against future relapse

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