125. How To Tell Your Partner About Your ED or HA Recovery with Clint Hartley

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from my Instagram page and listeners of this podcast is: should I open up to my partner, boyfriend or girlfriend about my eating disorder or hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery?

Dealing with weight gain, fear of judgement from others and the notion that you are only loveable if you live in a certain size body often hold people back from reaching full recovery and prevent them from getting support from the people around them who love them most.

But how do you even talk to a romantic partner about this? What will they think of you if you do open up? And how can you help them better understand the process so they can give you the support you need?

Today I’m going to be answering all those questions for you as I invite my good friend Clint back to the show to offer a male perspective on all these juicy topics and give you some insight that will help you navigate these conversations with the people you love in your life.

In this episode we cover:

  • Steps for telling your partner you have or are recovering from an eating disorder, disordered eating or hypothalamic amenorrhea
  • Navigating body changes and hang-ups in a relationship
  • Answering the question “is an eating disorder or HA off putting in a partner?”
  • Navigating conversations around changes in libido
  • Reclaiming body confidence and self-pleasure after weight gain
  • Removing the shame around periods 
  • Sharing wins of recovery with your partner
  • Key communication tips that will support your recovery and relationship

Clint is the owner of Hybrid Performance in Canberra. His main mission is to help people create a healthy lifestyle that fits into their busy schedule, rather than one that takes over it.

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