HA Recovery Snack Guide

by Eat

If you’re working on recovery from an eating disorder or hypothalamic amenorrhea, having regular meals and snacks is essential.

But do you ever get caught thinking “yes, but what should I actually be having?”

Or maybe you may feel like you’re caught in a snack rut and end up having the same thing day in, day out?

Depending on what you are having, your snacks could either be working for you or against you on your recovery journey. Here are some tips to help you supercharge your snack choices and keep you moving forward in recovery.

How many snacks should I be having?

The best place to start is by having 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. Classically this looks like having a snack mid-morning, mid-afternoon and after dinner.

What should I include in my snacks for HA & ED recovery?

It’s important not to get caught in the trap of needing to have the “perfect snack.” Instead it’s about reflecting on both your preferences and your body’s unique individual needs for recovery.

As a minimum, I would include 2 different food groups at each snack occassion and aim to make one of these a carbohydrate based food. For example, fruit (carb based) and a yoghurt (dairy/calcium based).

Shouldn’t snacks be small and low in calories?

Diet culture has probably taught you that the best choice is always the choice lowest in calories, however, in recovery you NEED calories to help your body repair and to restore your period.

Overcoming the low calorie mindset can take time, but it’s important to remind yourself that this food is the medicine your body needs.

Here are some wholesome and soulful snack ideas to help you get started in recovery.

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Sarah King

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