Holistic Health Radio Episode 15: How To Find Your Passion and Purpose with Gina Buber founder of Up To The Beat Fitness

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Episode Summary

Today I’m joined by Gina Buber, founder of Up To The Beat Fitness, an inclusive exercise community that focuses on fun low-impact workouts for every ability. Once a professional dancer for Latin and ballroom of over two decades, Gina left the industry when she lost her fire for it. She didn’t feel that it was making enough of a difference in her own – and other people’s – lives.

Over the next few years, she felt like she lost her passion and spark, neglecting her own self-care, which led to weight gain, emotional eating and a bout of depression. In today’s episode we touch on:

  • How she found her passion and purpose again (and how you can too)
  • Why putting yourself first isn’t selfish
  • The step-by-step process Gina took to rebuilding her life and health (and how that has filtered through into her business
  • Why small steps lead to big change
  • How to fall in love with a health and fitness routine that works for YOUR body

Speaker Background – Gina Buber

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Hey there, I’m Gina B and I’m certainly not your average fitness guru! As a certified Personal Trainer and professional dancer, I aim to help women globally MOVE out of their comfort zone to find their best self. Up to the BEat FitnessTM is my sweat child, specialising in low-impact workout programs that can be easily mixed into the modern, everyday lifestyle.

Through versatile workouts that feature fresh, energetic BEats and simply choreographed movements designed to enhance overall wellBEing, combined with holistic nutrition and mindset teachings, Up to the BEat is a step up for those after an easier, fun-er way to fitness.

In your own words, please describe your own health journey and where you’re with it now.

You know those moments in life that steer you far off the beaten track but end up becoming your greatest teachings, well for me this happened the moment I quit my competitive ballroom dancing career 15 years ago. I was finally free from the years of restrictive dieting combined with disordered eating and a rigorous training regime, only to realise I was completely lost without it. No career, no education as I’d quit after year 11 to follow my sporting career, no real social life and thus no purpose, led me to a path of self-destruction.

Within a year after leaving my dancing career, I’d gained more than a bit of freedom, I put on 25 kilograms and was completely unhappy. Of course, the “everything’s fine” gal that I was, I kept everything looking like I was having a blast on the outside, but inside I felt totally miserable.

I’d love to say that there was a particular pivotal point, or “aha” moment that led me to kickstart my journey back to health. But I feel it was actually more a series of events plus the constant feeling of anxiety that I was experiencing about what my future held if I continued down this road.

With a serendipitous request to teach a wedding couple ballroom and Latin for their big day, combined with the decision to go back to University via a mature age pathway, I felt myself regaining a sense of purpose in my life to do more than just eat myself to oblivion and work a dead end job. My inner spark was ignited again. I slowly, and I emphasise SLOWLY reconnected with movement and began to say NO to the constant years of restrictive eating and Yo-Yo diets. Within 2 years, I felt like I was back into old self, but a new and improved stronger version. Don’t get me wrong, I failed many times along the way, but life is a marathon not a sprint and we’re not actually failing, we’re just learning more about ourselves at each one of these challenging points.

Well as they say overnight successes take 10 years (for real!), so for me it has been a process of returning to my true passion and purpose. I fell back in love with the dance floor in my own way. Though a journey of returning to performing in dance shows and teaching competitive and social dancers to then falling in love with fitness programs and becoming a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, to finally arriving at starting my own style of dance fitness and ultimately the birth of my company, now Up to the BEat Fitness TM

This has been my journey thus far in a nutshell. I have gone through my very own personal health journey to now being able to share my life lessons with a global community of women. I can honestly say I’m currently living my most upBEat life and chasing my joy. I used to loathe that time in my life, but now I believe it was something I needed to go through in order to get to this moment where I am now and It all stems from finding my purpose!

What are you passionate about at work and in your own personal life?

My passion is definitely creating movement that MOVES you, in the most fun and simplest way possible, and it’s my mission to show everyone that low impact workouts can give you your best sweat! It seriously lights me up to help women everywhere kickstart their own journey to health so they can be their most upBEat selves.

Work and no play is definitely a dull and uninspiring life! It’s super important for me to balance running my company (which is most definitely my passion), with “me no work” time. I thrive on travelling to destinations with my husband, but also on my own. Bali is my happy place and spending time on my own when I give so much of myself to others is so regenerating. Also, donuts and pizza are most definitely my passions… ok really ALL THE FOOD! In all seriousness though, travel, food and spending time with the people I love, is what makes me a happy little vegemite.

Where can we find out more about you?

Website: https://au.uptothebeat.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uptothebeatfit/

Instagram handle: @uptothebeatfit

Sarah King

Sarah King

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