Is this programme for anyone and everyone?

Yes and no. This course is designed for those who are ready to invest in themselves by learning how to ignore society’s expectations and focus solely on themselves and their relationship with food, exercise and their body exercise.

If you’ve ever:
   →  Had a history with disordered eating;
   →  Feel you are spiralling into a negative relationship with food and want to break the cycle;
   →  Experienced an emotionally loaded/fuelled and potentially toxic relationship with food; or
   →  Found yourself struggling with body image and obsessively trying new diets.

Then this is the course for you.

What exactly happens in the 6 weeks?

Completely online, the course will cover a different topic each week, with a workbook filled with a bit of homework and learnings to help you fully understand Intuitive Eating and how to apply it in your own personal context.

Because it’s hard going it alone, you’ll also get 3 private personal coaching calls, join the weekly group call and be part of the FB support group. These steps are all incredibly important parts of the process and provide much needed support. We’ve all been there, and we’re all going and growing through it together.

Can I start anytime?

This course runs in 6-week blocks 3 times a year. This is to make sure it is super personal, ultra focused and truly powerful.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have a few great extension options to stay part of the family and receive on-going support.