Episode 88: The Science of Strength & Conditioning with Kieran O’Dwyer from Bathurst Strength and Conditioning

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Today on the podcast I’m joined by Kieran O’Dwyer from Bathurst Strength and Conditioning. Lovingly known around the gym as Coach Kizz, his mission is to optimise the health and performance of everybody who walks through the door. Whether it be to improve their athletic performance, get fit, learn to lift, keep joints strong and pain free, or hit a new PB, he is there to help.

With 8 years of coaching experience in the bank, Coach Kizz knows that hard work and building persistent healthy habits are the key to success. Today on the podcast we get a big dose of his expertise as we discuss the science of strength and conditioning.

In this episode we cover:

  • What strength & conditioning actually is and how it differs from other popular forms of training
  • The movement basics we should all be mastering
  • The most common mistakes women make when strength training, and how to fix them
  • What components make up a well-rounded S&C program
  • When and how often you should be changing your program to keep progressing
  • Training variables that are often overlooked
  • Why a coach can be so helpful in helping you ace your technique
  • How long does it actually take to build muscle/hit a PB
  • Learning the importance of balancing strength and mobility

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Sarah King

Sarah King

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