Episode 84: How to Stay Injury Free with Physiotherapist Tom de Jersey

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Today on the podcast I’m joined by Physiotherapist Tom de Jersey. After stumbling across his viral videos online, Tom and I connected over our mutual love of all things movement.

As a physiotherapist, Tom is a firm believer that the education system doesn’t really provide us with the tools we need to look after our bodies when it comes to movement and staying injury free.

His main goal is to help you improve your movement literacy through easily digestible education and exercise tutorials so you can squat, hinge, lunge and perform your very best every single day.

In this podcast Tom and I discuss:

  • His work as a physiotherapist
  • Why injuries happen and how to avoid them
  • Periodising your training for optimal performance
  • Why stress injuries happen and who’s most at risk
  • Why you can (and should) take a week off from training every so often
  • What the heck a deload week actually is and the benefits you get from it
  • How to create a fun and sustainable fitness routine

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Sarah King

Sarah King

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