Episode 79: Finding The Right Balance with Food and Fitness featuring Nutritionist Kathleen Alleaume

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Today I’m joined by Kathleen Alleaume, founder of The Right Balance, and internationally acclaimed specialist in nutrition and fitness. With a degree in Exercise Science and a Masters in Nutrition, Kathleen has spent over twenty years ago helping women, men and children to overcome their health or performance issues and maximise their wellness and fitness.

Kathleen unique ability to translate complicated health research into clear, practical advice, has put her at the forefront of her industry where she regularly contributes to both print and online publications.

As a busy working mum Kathleen knows the importance of moving her body, eating well and taking moment to rest and relax.

In today’s podcast episode Kathleen and I discuss:

  • How she got started in her career in health, fitness and nutrition
  • What inspired her to get into media and writing and how that’s changed the trajectory of her career
  • The importance of understanding research, especially when it comes to nutrition
  • How work life changed when she became and mum
  • Ways to stay fit and eat well when you’re juggling motherhood and building your career or business
  • What healthy eating actually means
Kathleen Alleaume

Kathleen Alleaume

Founder The Right Balance

Founder of The Right Balance, Kathleen Alleaume is a Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Keynote Speaker and Author.

You can follow her online and check out her services using the links below.

Instagram: @therightbalance_

Website: https://therightbalance.com.au/

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