Episode 61: Let’s Talk About Sex with Georgia Grace

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Today I’m joined by Sex Coach, Georgia Grace. Through her work she aims to bring mindfulness to sex with real, practical and useful tools allowing people to explore their sensuality.

Sexual health is an important part of overall health and today I’m excited to have Georgia on the podcast to discuss:

  • How she first became interest in being an intimacy coach and sex educator
  • Why pleasure and sensuality are so important
  • How to have really great sex
  • The impact of coronavirus and loss of physical touch on our wellbeing
  • How lockdown has impacted our sex lives
  • The link between good sex with self or others and overall health
  • How to communicate what you want in the bedroom

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To join Georgia’s course click here: course: https://georgiagrace.podia.com 

Georgia Grace

Georgia Grace

As a Sex Coach, Georgia aims to bring mindfulness to sex with real, practical and useful tools allowing people to explore their sensuality. Georgia offers coaching for individuals, couples and groups and helps people to meet or reclaim their sensual identity. With training in direct experiential learning, Georgia applies a client-centred approach to educate people to become more aware of their bodies, sex and sexuality.

Georgia works in sex tech, developing an app powered by AI to support couples in having more fulfilling sex and is the Australian Ambassador for We-Vibe, an innovative company that designs and manufactures world-leading couples and solo vibrators.

Georgia is also a qualified Journalist and writes a weekly column for GQ, ‘Ask a Sex Coach’ amongst other top-tier Australian media.

Check out her services and follow her online by clicking the links below

W: www.georgiagraced.com

IG: @gspot._ 

E: info@georgiagraced.com

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Sarah King

Sarah King

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