Episode 60: Lessons in Self-Love, and Gaining Weight in a Thin Focused World with artist Dani Sheriff

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Today on Holistic Health Radio, I’m joined by Dani Sheriff, a body positive artist on Instagram working to normalise normal bodies through her drawings. Her inspiration for starting her page and the drawings she posts comes from her own journey of self-healing from disordered eating and hypothalamic amenorrhea.

Her artwork depicts normal women in all shapes and sizes, beautifully adorned with words that hit home and make anyone on their journey towards self-love realise they are more than just their physical appearance.  It’s a message we all need to hear over and over again to drown out the noise from diet culture.

Dani is a big believer that when you share your story, you help others with their own healing journey.

I’m so excited to have her on the podcast today to speak about:

  • Her journey with food, exercise and her body
  • Societies skewed view of health and nutrition
  • How fear often keeps us stuck in our healing journey and how to overcome it
  • Misconceptions around disordered eating and hypothalamic amenorrhea
  • How art helped her work towards self-love and acceptance
Dani Sheriff

Dani Sheriff

Dani Sheriff is a self love artist who creates digital illustrations portraying real women and she’s the co-host of the Adulting Advice podcast. Like every other person in the world, Dani Sheriff struggles with her body image and self worth.

Being obsessed with looking ‘the correct way’ took so much energy both physically and mentally. She had absolutely nothing to show for it.

No one was congratulating her or thanking her for impacting their lives. She didn’t have an enjoyable social life or a menstrual cycle. Nothing. She lost both her time and her fertility.

So she realized she needed to change. She started eating and resting and her body started to heal. With all this new-found time and energy, she picked up a pen and started to draw women with real bodies, having real thoughts and struggling through real barriers.

And people liked it. They started thanking her for the impact that her work was having on them. That’s when Dani realized she was starting to make an impact and found her calling.

Since then, she’s grown a following of women (and men) who are trying to free up mental and physical space so that they can actually do real work. That’s her mission.  And none of it had anything to do with making herself smaller or hungry.

Follow Dani on Instagram @danisheriff

Check out her podcast Adulting Advice

Or visit her website

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Sarah King

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