Episode 59: How To Find Peace with Food and Your Body with Caroline Groth

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Today on Holistic Health Radio, I’m joined by Caroline Groth, a self-confessed lover of all things health and wellness who has openly shared with her audience the ups and downs of life and her journey to find balance with food, fitness and her body.

Originally from Denmark, Caroline now calls Bondi Beach her home where she lives with her incredibly cute dog Archie.

Having struggled with disordered eating in the past, Caroline has now found peace after many years of personal discovery and self-work.

However, she’s incredibly transparent that it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows.

In this episode Caroline and I speak about:

  • When her disordered eating began and what contributed to its development
  • The steps she has taken towards recovery and how long it’s really taken her
  • What it’s like recovering when you share your life openly online
  • Limiting beliefs she has had to tackle to get better and which ones she’s still working on
  • Learning to live in a changing body
  • How her personal relationships have changed now that she has repaired her relationship with food
  • The ups and downs of getting her period back and why healthy hormones are so important 
Caroline Groth

Caroline Groth

Caroline Groth is a spiritual soul who wears her heart on her sleeve. Originally from Denmark, but sporting a true blue Aussie Heart for almost 10 years, she isn’t shy when it comes to tackling all the big issues in life regarding health & wellness – mentally, physically & spiritually.

Caroline comes from a Digital Marketing & Ecommerce background – an area shea spent well over a decade of her life in, until she decided there was more to life and did a 180 to improve her time on this Earth, this included becoming a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Having battled her own severe health issues, Caroline’s Instagram and blog has become a platform in which she shares the learnings she’s gained from her own personal health journey to give back to those in need.

Follow Caroline on Instagram @carolinehgroth or check out her website www.carolinehgroth.com.au

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Sarah King

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