Episode 58: Reasons to Workout That Have Nothing To Do with Appearance featuring Carolyn Viggh

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Today on Holistic Health Radio, I’m joined by Carolyn Viggh. Carolyn is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Health and Wellness Coach and a body acceptance and anti-diet activist living in Orlando, FL. Her work is based in body-positivity and Health At Every Size and she is committed to providing fitness coaching services that are safe, welcoming, and free of Diet Culture BS.

She helps her clients reject Diet Culture, heal their body image and learn to engage in exercise and eating in a way that serves them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Carolyn also works with BloomFit training, a company providing Body Positive Fitness trainings and workshops for fitness professionals with the goal of making the fitness industry at large a more inclusive and accepting space for people in all bodies.

In today’s episode Carolyn and I speak about:

  • How she first got into fitness and why she decided to become a personal trainer
  • What fitness really is vs what we think it is
  • How to make your fitness journey last a lifetime
  • What fitness might look like if you’re healing your relationship with your body
  • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic motivations and the importance of deciphering the two
  • Reasons to workout that have nothing to do with your appearance and how to keep these front of mind

Follow Carolyn on Instagram @carolynviggh or check out her YouTube, Podcast and website for more information.

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