Episode 48: Imposter Syndrome, Learning to Love Your Body, and What it’s Really Like Working in Fitness with Bec Chidiac and Tori Clapham from Peaches Pilates

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Today I’m joined by Tori Clapham and Bec Chidiac from Peaches Pilates. Not just a fitness studio, Peaches Pilates is a community of likeminded people who love to support each other on their journey to health & happiness.

As a Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor who’s been in the industry a hot minute myself, I thought this podcast would be a great opportunity to talk through the ups and downs of working in fitness.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The pressure felt by instructors to maintain their own fitness and physique
  • How imposter syndrome can manifest and ways to move past it
  • Why loving your body as it is right now can truly liberate you to live your best life
Tori Clapham & Bec Chidiac

Tori Clapham & Bec Chidiac

Peaches Pilates

Tori and Bec are Co-Owners of Peaches Pilates. Along with Tori’s husband, Chris, and the greater Peaches team, we’re on a mission to reframe the fitness industry from a place of self-love. We’re here to cut the BS, and have fun while looking after ourselves.

Much more than fitness, Peaches is a community which aims to have REAL conversations, and tackle some of the stickiest subjects women face with authenticity, compassion and humour.

Find them on Instagram @peachespilates @toriclapham @becchidiac

Or check out their website www.peachespilates.com


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Sarah King

Sarah King

Hi future friends, I’m Sarah King, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and health coach.

Science, not trends is the foundation of my approach. By nourishing the body and mind with scientific facts we can build foundations for a life of realness, not just wellness.