Episode 42: Climate Anxiety and Coping in Crisis with Psychologist Amy Kate Isaacs

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Today I’m joined by developmental psychologist and founder of The Mindful Collective, Amy Kate.

During her Master’s Program, Amy experienced extreme stress and felt like she was drowning under her workload and study load.

So she did what any good practitioner would, and put some of the evidence-based stress-busting techniques she learned to the test.  

Her compassionate approach to wellbeing weaves together psychological principles with mindfulness and lifestyle changes to help everyone she comes into contact with thrive and flourish with self-awareness, resilience, and a toolbox of healthy coping strategies.

Today Amy Kate and I are discussing the topic of climate anxiety and coping in a crisis.

The Australian bushfires have hit our communities hard, and many of us are left wondering what to do and how to cope whether we are personally affected or not.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is climate anxiety?
  • The psychological impact of the Australian bushfires and how long this will likely last
  • The difference between Psychological and Mental Health First Aid
  • How to deal with feelings of helplessness and loss after a crisis
  • The best ways to look after our own mental health while also looking after the environment
Amy Kate Isaacs

Amy Kate Isaacs

As a Psychologist and director of The Mindful Collective, Amy Kate is bursting with cutting-edge knowledge, anecdotes, relatable stories and evidence-based tools to inspire mindful and compassionate change in those who are part of their collective. 

Along with her little sidekick, Evie, their bubbly nature and authentic humour leave people with space in their mind and compassion in their soul.

The Mindful Collective specialise in working with individuals both in-person and online through their psychological therapy, online courses, online coaching and social media. 

Website: www.themindfulcollective.co

FB and Insta: @themindfulcollective

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Sarah King

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