Episode 40: Myths & Facts About Contraception with Dr. Jill Gamberg

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Today I’m joined by Dr. Jill Gamberg, a GP with a keen interest in women’s health, mental health, sports injury and pregnancy care.

Dr Jill Gamberg is also one of the first Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physicians. Lifestyle Medicine is a new and emerging evidence-based field looking at behaviour change for prevention and management of disease, and maintenance of wellness.

In this episode Dr. Jill and I will be discussing forms of contraception, their effectiveness, side effects, and the myths that surround their use so you can make the best decision for yourself when it comes to your health.

You can follow Dr. Jill Gamberg on Instagram @drjillgamberg or check out her website here: https://www.drjillgamberg.com/


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Sarah King

Sarah King

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