Episode 36: Honest Conversations with James Smith

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Today I’m joined by James Smith, founder of the James Smith Academy, an online membership-based platform that houses a wealth of educational resources on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes to help his community ditch the skinny teas and other random detoxes, and instead make meaningful change to their health that will last a lifetime.

His engaging social media presence has seen his following skyrocket over the last few years, and his own podcast The James Smith Podcast, where he drops truth bombs about the fitness industry alongside personal anecdotes, regularly hits number one on the charts.

James has also resurrected the popularity of the budgie smuggler and made men everywhere realise that there’s more to life than having a six-pack, contrary to what all the men’s health magazines would have you believe.

In this episode James and I talk about his journey from the corporate world to building his business, the reality of working in the fitness industry, why bodybuilding is a backwards sport, his obsession with space, and the importance of safe-guarding your mental health.

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Sarah King

Sarah King

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