Episode 33: Is It Ever Safe To Lose Weight After Recovery From An Eating Disorder with Dietitian Talia Cecchele

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Weight loss is a very sensitive topic, especially when eating disorders get thrown into the mix.

If you’ve ever had a negative or emotional relationship with food in the past you might be fearful of spiralling into disordered behaviours again.

You so deeply want to make health a priority again, but you wonder if you’ll end up nourishing or punishing your body. It feels confusing, overwhelming, and you feel there’s a huge stigma attached to discussing weight loss.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The key to any sustainable health change is making sure you take the right approach, which is why I’m very excited to have dietitian Talia Cecchele back on the podcast.

Talia is a registered dietitian specialising in eating disorders, weight management and paediatrics currently living and working in the UK.

Her mission is to help clients nourish with balance by removing the overwhelm and confusion around healthy eating and bringing things back to basics. Her holistic and personalised approach reflects my own ethos as we both believe there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

In this podcast Talia and I are tackling quite a tricky topic and answering the question “Is it ever safe to lose weight after recovery an eating disorder?”

In this episode we discuss:

  • Reasons why weight change may occur during an eating disorder and/or recovery from an eating disorder
  • Why is weight loss after an eating disorder such a tricky situation?
  • Is weight loss actually safe? Who for?
  • A dietitian’s approach to weight loss and how this differs from advice you see online
  • Plus a lengthy discussion about intuitive eating versus other nutrition strategies and how to figure out what approach is best for you
Talia Cecchele

Talia Cecchele

Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Talia is  a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist living and working in London. She works as a specialist eating disorder dietitian on an inpatient unit and also privately in a London clinic providing individual consultations for a range of nutritional issues, for both adults and children.

Her ethos is simple: she doesn’t believe in restrictive or fad diets; instead she advocates for a positive relationship with food and to follow a diet that nourishes both the body and mind.

For more information on Talia Cechhele including her services and delicious recipes head to her website: www.taliacecchele.com

Or follow her on Instagram @tcnutrition


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Sarah King

Sarah King

Hi future friends, I’m Sarah King, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and health coach.

Science, not trends is the foundation of my approach. By nourishing the body and mind with scientific facts we can build foundations for a life of realness, not just wellness.