Episode 25: Can Dieting Damage Your Metabolism? How Dieting Impacts Your Body and Relationship With Food

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Can dieting damage your metabolism? And what effect does dieting have on your relationship with food and your body?

Have you been one of those people who has jumped from diet to diet and feel like your metabolism has come to a grinding halt as a result?

You’ve done Paleo and Keto, and Low Carb/High Fat, and Intermittent Fasting but the only thing you’ve got is short term results with a side effect of food anxiety and poor body image?

You aren’t alone.

Fad diets can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies, but many are unaware of the consequences. In today’s episode of Holistic Health Radio we debunk myth from fact, unpacking the science of weight loss and it’s effects on your mental and physical health.

In this episode we cover:

  • The science of weight loss
  • What is metabolic damage and does it actually exist?
  • The impact of dieting on our metabolism and whether these changes are long-term or reversible
  • Why the calories in/calories out equation is true but often oversimplified
  • The impact of fad diets on our relationship with food
  • Questions to consider before making a change to your diet
  • Plus strategies for maintaining a healthy metabolism

Filled with real talk, and real solutions, this episode will cut through the BS of the fitness and diet industry and help you make an informed choice for your health, body and mind.

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Sarah King

Sarah King

Hi future friends, I’m Sarah King, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and health coach.

Science, not trends is the foundation of my approach. By nourishing the body and mind with scientific facts we can build foundations for a life of realness, not just wellness.