71. Intuitive Eating Myths and How to Honour Your Body without Dieting with Sarah Grace Meckelberg

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Today I’m joined by Sarah Grace Meckelberg, the Founder of Fresh Fit N Healthy, an author, a speaker, a social media influencer, and Registered Dietitian with a MS in Exercise Physiology.

Having her own past of an eating disorder but coming out the other side after her own journey of recovery, Sarah is passionate about helping other women balance with food, fitness and their bodies. Her approach to nutrition is one where all foods fit and helping each person adopt sustainable habits that support their mental and physical health while helping them reach their goals.

In today’s podcast Sarah and I will be discussing:

  • Her journey recovering from an eating disorder
  • What helped her find her own balance with food
  • What intuitive eating is and who it’s appropriate for
  • Some myths around intuitive eating that people need to stop believing
  • The impact of body and food obsession on our dreams and goals
  • Balancing health and honouring your body from a place of self-care and self-respect
  • How to shift your mindset in order to achieve long lasting health
  • The nutrition basics we all need to master

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